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Click HERE for the Autism Society of America/American Art Therapy Association Tool Kit

ArtTherapyandAutism.com is designed to provide comprehensive information on the use of art therapy to address the symptoms of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

The purpose of the website is:

    1. To connect potential clients with Sky's The Limit Studio.
    2. To house and share the webmaster's extensive collection of art therapy and autism related resources and links.
    3. To house and share the contact information of art therapists providing services for individuals with ASD.

It is my hope that these resources will be of use to families, professionals, and students alike.

Nicole's 2009 book on art and autism early intervention

Click on Amazon to purchase an ebook for your Kindle or a hardcopy from amazon.com.
Click on Jessica Kingsley to order hardcopies directly from the publisher at jkp.com.

To read an introduction to art therapy and autism written by the webmaster for individuals who are unfamiliar with the topic, please click here

Text and images by Nicole Martin (2007). Last revised Jan 2013.